Hi. so I just wanted to see what was going on ultimateGuitar and I had a monthly subscription. Then I got into a bunch of mess. I was just clicking through things and this thing popped up that said -70- Something off or something. I had accidentally clicked on upgrade now and BOOM, I was charged 50 bucks for a lifetime subscription. Then I was clicking around for awhile to try to get rid of it and somehow ended up buying another month subscription ay 3.99 when I was try to turn off auto-renewal. I want to keep my first monthly subscription, but PLEASE can I get a refund on the Lifetime Subscription and the last Monthly charge I did not want to make. I had just got these today. Please can I get a refund here? I wanna do my first monthly, but not this other stuff.
Ultimate guitar is a motherfucker! same thing happened to me! you cannot charge 50$ to someone without let him read terms and conditions! you can have a refound from here:


after that be careful because they will convert your subscription to another, the month type one, that will charge you money automatically! i would not be surprised if they put a malware on my pc... those assholes... You cannot even delete your account from this website, i didn't be able to change my nickname!!
i didn't expect these kind of things from a site so big, so ancient...
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