I purchased this guitar with a load of other bits and pieces last week it really caught my eye. Its a washburn mercury series tonewood dating from 1993 its battered and worn thats why i love it. It will need some electrical work the coil tapped pot and selector switch are noisy and only work with a wiggle. that probably all i will change because I like the tatty roadworn look of it its so tactile the area around the pickups is worn from furious plectrum abuse its great. any thoughts on a good hardware supplier or on the guitar itself would be appreciated.

What trem is it? Licensed Floyd or OFR?

I use bournes for pots. Switchcraft jacks and carling switches usually. Orange drops for caps. That is just me though. Grover or gotoh for tuners (if you need them).

Allparta, stewmac, and small bear aol have a lot of things.

Looks like fun!
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The trem is a washburn 600-s licensed floyd rose the next fun i have is finding a suitable arm for it
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