When I started playing with a tube amp I had a Bugera 333 top. I love the type of gain it has on the heavy gain lead channel, and the kind of gain it provides sounds amazing. However, it sounds like I am playing under a pillow. It lacks presence and sounds muted.

I have another borrowed tube amp that sounds crystal clear, The Blackstar HT100, however I don't like the type of gain it provides on the heavy gain lead channel. With the risk of sounding like a 5-year old: It sounds "kah kah kah" rather than "jum jum jum". So what I need is a pedal that can change the blackstar HT 100 gain and "overpower it" with a better gain type in general. I am not looking for a pedal you personally think is good, because that is truely based on opinion, but rather a pedal that can make my HT 100 gain sound a little bit more like my bugera 333 top gain. Suggestions?
Work on your EQing before you start putting pedals in front of it. Your onomatopoeias aren't exceptionally helpful, but you might want to roll off the treble and/or boost the bass a tad on the Blackstar, and the opposite on the Bugera.

An alternative would be rolling off the gain on your Bugera and sticking a Tubescreamer-style overdrive in front of it to get it sounding more defined. Clones can be had for next to nothing and they're all much of a muchness if you're using them to boost an amp's distortion so there's not much to lose if you want to try a Joyo Vintage Overdrive or an Arion Tubulator or Ibanez TS5 etc.
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The Bugera 333 is more or less a copy of a Peavey XXX. It's a modern, compressed, high gain, American voiced amplifier. The Blackstar HT 100 is more of a Marshall/British high gain, voiced amplifier - though not as bright. These amps emphasize very different midrange frequencies. I'm fairly certain that you are just noticing the differences in the voice of these amplifiers.

The "kah" is likely the upper midrange of the HT100. The "jum" is likely the compressed low end and lower midrange of the 333.

A boost pedal isn't likely going to help you much. You need an EQ pedal to boost the low and low midrange frequencies of the Blackstar.
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How old are the tubes in the Bugera? What brand?

Answer 1 will probably be to try a new set of JJ's, at least in the power tubes. Eurotubes is a great place to get them as they actually test everything themselves.
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