So far this has been a one-man project, but I've been thinking about an EP of collaborations with a singer as well as an EP of instrumentals in a more of a band type of setting. (Where drums and bass would be played by other people).

The music's guitar-based instrumental rock (with maybe a little bit of metal here and there). It's not really shredder-type of music, although some elements of that probably can be found if you really look for them. I don't know... I hate trying to describe this stuff myself.

Anyway, here are some links. You can listen for free on Spotify, but if you don't have access to spotify, I think the free previews on iTunes are about a minute long... There's also some stuff on youtube...

Latest track on Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/album/2YC7tz3ZCHZnTMFOunCMGw