Hey man, cheers for the comment on 667! Apologies for the late reply, I had thought the thread had dried up!

Very chill intro!

I'll give you a touch of honesty since I think compliments just feed confidence whereas criticisms help push you forward.

There are some good riffs here, good lead work, the thing it lacks for me is how you use these to keep it interesting. This is mainly if you're intending to make it a 'traditional' song and not something purely experimental (which if it is experimental ignore this next part completely!). This would obviously improve with vocals adding interest, but I feel as if some of the riffs are repeated too much without anything else changing in the track so to speak. I feel also that there could be more variation in the rhythm and chord choices for each section to give a clear distinction between a verse and a chorus.

I think you might do well trying to come up with vocals as you write the guitar parts as well to get an image in your mind of how the song would flow. Before I became a singer, I was purely a guitarist (only play to compose now), and I used to make awesome riffs and stick them together without any thought of how a vocalist could interact with these riffs. My poor singer was left with that task and ultimately a lot of my songs sucked balls haha. It was only when I started writing lyrics myself could I actually start making songs that really flowed well (tooting my own horn here) and my songwriting improved tenfold.

Overall though man it's a good effort and there are some great things coming from you!