I'm not very familiar with Compressor pedals so I'm not sure if this is what I need or not. I'm trying to fix when I'm playing arpeggio type stuff, especially with some delay, every once and a while I'll pluck a note and it is much louder than all of the rest of what I'm playing. Especially sometimes I use the Herdim picking technique (a la The Edge), and sometimes the dimples get stuck and just pluck a string louder than the rest. I'd like to even out volume when I'm playing Arpeggio's. Am I correct is looking at Compressors?
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You just need to work on your technique more.

That too. But will a compressor at least help?
The notes that are "much louder than all the rest" will be "moderately louder than all the rest" with a compressor. You and anyone listening will still be able to tell when that mistake happens even with the compressor.

Now I think a compressor would be a good idea to use for arpeggios for the same reason chickn' pickin' players use them, to make each note very consistent in volume. But that still requires good technique to make the notes pretty close in volume from just the guitar, so do not use the compressor as a crutch.
I agree with all the above. A compressor used correctly can be really useful to tighten up sound but it will only help if what you are playing is correct and moderately consistent. Wide ranges in attack and dynamics will only be exaggerated by a good compressor
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Man, nail your technique first. If you use a compressor you may end up becoming dependent on that to sound good and all that work towards your technique was really for nothing.
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I agree with the above comments. Once I switched from active EMG's (which are known to be quite heavily compressed) to more "organic" passives, I noticed that my playing wasn't as consistent as I thought it was in regards to dynamics, which forced me to to improve upon it; I'm now a better player as a result.

I think that it's important to get as good as you can without the use of effects such as compression, because if you become reliant on such things then what happens when you're in a situation without them?

Work on your technique first, and use some light compression (if you need it) when recording.