Hey everybody!

Since I just registered, I can only post to this thread, the question though fitting perfectly well to the "electric guitar" thread. sorry 'bout that.

I play an Epiphone Sheraton II and a Fender Tele Mexican. Now, as funny as it may sound, I'd love to play a guitar that combines both of the typical/ my favorite sound features of these two guitars - the bright twang of the Fender and the full, low-end sound of the Epi (when played with bridge pickup).

Does anybody "know" a guitar that could be according to my description?
I'd love it to be a semi hollowbody, but I'm open to anything

Thanks a lot!
As ^that post implies, it sounds very much like you're after a Gretsch, or something else with Filtertron-style pickups. I'm afraid I don't know much about Gretsch semihollows, but their hollowbody electrics are pretty much legendary. If you're looking for something in the same price range as your existing guitars, the Electromatic series could be worth looking at - such as the G5420T. Also worth considering is the Epiphone Emperor Swingster, which is basically Epiphone's take on the Gretsch 6120.

If you absolutely need it to be semihollow I don't have any suggestions.
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