Hey guys, quick question. I have Sterling JP70 with the standard floating tremolo and I was just wondering if there was a way to correct the inconsistencies in pitch modulation. With the bar dived all the way, I will get the low B to flap around, while the high E will only drop about a 5th. Also, pulling up all the way will raise the low B a 5th and the low E only a minor 2nd. It seems that the higher the string, the less the bar affects the pitch. I'm a total tremolo noob, but I do have the bridge parallel with the body, if that helps anything. So basically, is there any way to have the tremolo have a greater effect on the pitch? Sorry if the wording is confusing, and thanks! ( Oh yeah and if this should be posted somewhere else, I apologize, and could someone direct me to the appropriate place?)
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So basically, is there any way to have the tremolo have a greater effect on the pitch?

No. Some strings are simply more elastic than others and so different strings change pitch to different degrees when the bar is moved by the same amount.
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not currently i think. probably with tunable cams but it would be expensive. each saddle would move independently from each other and by an adjustable amount. something (like an eccentric cam) would regulate how much the saddle moved with upward or downward movement of the bridge. they would need to be adjustable and decoupled.

the max amount of movement though would swing from totally dead and stuck to the pu's or a pitch high enough to break the strings or other stuff on the guitar.

or gibson will invent the "robo-trem" and save us all.
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