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So, I have an old Hondo II Les Paul from the 80's, made in Japan, that I would like to upgrade and work on. Right now the guitar is a real mess. The electronic isn't working right and I might end up replacing the pots. But, on the bright side, that could be a good thing.
Well, since I don't know a lot about the whole wiring process and what pots to buy, I thought I'd ask you all!

First off - I've heard about two wiring options; Modern and Vintage (50's).
What exactly is the difference between these two options?
Anyone having great experiences with one of the two, or both?

Second - Any suggestions on which pots to buy? And also, how can I find out which pot is for tone and which is for volume?

The wiring you won't really notice until you play with your volume knobs. Modern wiring tends to have a more consistent volume drop off when you roll the volume down at the sacrifice of muffling/killing a bit of treble as you roll off. 50s wiring retains more of the high end as you roll down (something I really like to have when I clean up) but the taper is a bit funky. 7-10 tends to be pretty close in volume. then there's a pretty big cut of volume between 3-6 and 7-10. I like 50s wiring because I use the vol-tone controls a lot of adjust my tone and IMO you have more options with 50s style.

In the middle position, with 50s wiring, you can adjust the individual volumes on the pickups in adjust your tone and are able to turn the volume of one pickup all the way off without the guitar cutting out and muting your other pickup.

Im sure I cocked something up in there but I think thats how it goes.
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Modern will have a little less high end, but you won't lose volume if you roll down the tone knob. Vintage you will have more high end, but you will lose volume immediately if you roll down the tone at all. That's what I could glean from google, hopefully someone with more experience with 2 volume guitars can give you some more info.

As far as type of pots go, you'll want at least 500k audio taper pots for a guitar with humbuckers. I've always used CTS brand pots and they're pretty much the standard. As far as shaft type you'll have to look at what is in there now and get the same thing. Being a les paul it probably needs long split shaft pots, but I could be wrong.
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I use Bourns pots, sometimes ALPS. The tone pots are the ones with a capacitor attached to it.
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