Hey guys sorry for my stupid question but i'm looking to buy a used combo which is Behringer GMX1200H for the head and BG412F for the cab for 300$... What do you guys think quality versus price??? I'm in need for something bigger and found this which I think is pretty cheap. Thanks guys!!!
Randall RX120D 120-watt guitar amp head (own this, more power than i need with Peaver bass enclusure 1820).. Peavey Tanstube head, saw one for sale at if its as nice as my made in USA Peavey Envoy 110 (silver stripe version modded with 12" Peavey speaker) then you have a keeper.
I have Washburn guitars 'Maverick Series' and bass 'Bantam Series' and a few pedals and amps, but man I wish to have more patience and drive practicing my playing, if it's equal to the modding itch, then I'm golden.
You could get a pretty good tube amp and 412 for that price. The Bugera 333 is great
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Just my $0,02:
I've bought a used Bugera V55 (so, Behringer) tube combo, cost me nothing, sound awesome.
YMMV obviously, but so far so good, don't be scared by the horror stories, Bugera amps got incredibly better after 2010. And so did Behringer AFAIK
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Just my $0,02:
I've bought a used Bugera V55 (so, Behringer) tube combo, cost me nothing, sound awesome.
YMMV obviously, but so far so good, don't be scared by the horror stories, Bugera amps got incredibly better after 2010. And so did Behringer AFAIK

No they didn't, they still make more crap than not.

TS stay away from Berhinger and Bugera, especially used. Their QC is really as bad as the stories you've heard
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No they didn't, they still make more crap than not.

TS stay away from Berhinger and Bugera, especially used. Their QC is really as bad as the stories you've heard

As I said, YMMV.
I don't care about trying to sell an amp to someone, I was saying that my experience with Bugera has been great so far.
Maybe I've just been incredibly lucky, but I've heard a lot of people happy with their 6262 or 333, I don't think they're all lying.
Again, your mileage may vary, and there's a lot of option even in the low budget area, like JCAs, Peavey Valveking, Laneys... The list goes on.

Some more info about the tone you're going after and the budget would help
Behringer are no different to a great many manufacturers these days in that their gear is made in China. Even the likes of Fender, VOX and Marshall have low end offerings made in the far east. IMHO Behringer gear is no worse than any other offering of a similar price point.

I have a a dozen or more Behringer products spread over racks, amps and pedals. The rack gear and mixers, for the money, I am very happy with. It is perhaps this side which Behringer is most renown and I would find it difficult to justify anything more exotic than Behringer for these products for my use.

I have a couple of Behringer pedals, a Vintage Distortion and a Digital Multi FX. I don't like them and wouldn't buy more. I have the rack based Behringer Guitar Pre Amp. The speaker emulation is great and the effects are fine. The amp simulation side isn't very nice though and whole unit is a complete git to set up unless you can connect it to a PC.

I have a Bugera V5 which (for the money) is a great little amp. After a retube and swapping the speaker I really like it.

So Behringer fan boy? Probably not. I'm be happy to gig their PA gear (assuming I have alternate routing available should any of the units fail; not that they have so far). Purely due to hearsay I'm not sure I would trust the guitar based stuff and the last thing you want with pre gig nerves is worrying about your gear.

So quality relative to price? I'd say that they are great value. Their gear is as good, or perhaps better, than anything at the same price point new. Would I put my reputation on the line (such as it is) with a $300 rig from any manufacturer? No. Certainly not new gear at that price. 20+ year old gear, hell yes. It's lasted this long and still works.
Please note: The above comments are based on my experience, and may represent my perception of that experience. This may not be accurate and, subject to the style of music you play, may be irrelevant or wrong.
When it comes to amps these days, "Made in China" doesn't necessarily mean "inherently bad". It all depends on how involved the company is in the manufacturing process. Peavey amps are designed in the USA, manufactured in China, and I think they are more proactive in Quality Control. In other words, don't be fooled by the "Made in China" tag because they are not equal. Behringer have a really bad reputation, and I have yet to see anyone get a decent tone out of one. Granted, I have limited experience having only see a small handful (as in maybe 2 or 3) of guitarists use one for a gig, and all of them sounded bad. Having said that, it could be a dialing in issue, but I doubt it. Bugeras actually have a reputation of sounding good, but have fallen short on craftsmanship. The problems with those amps is that they fall apart easily or stop working. Rumor has it that they have improved in this aspect, but if I have a limited amount of money, I'm not taking that gamble, especially if you plan on gigging.

Without knowing what your actual budget is or what genre of music you play, I will throw out a scenario that might help. Instead of that amp, you could get a 100 watt Peavey Valveking head used for around $250. I recently purchased one, and that is what I paid with shipping. As far as the cabinet, if you really are strapped for cash, I would probably save up for something a little better than that Behringer cab. Although it isn't ideal, the Blackstar Venue series cabs are loaded with Celestion Seventy 80s, which aren't great speakers, but they are better than the ones in that Behringer. Look out for a HTV-212 used, which would probably be about $100. There aren't many out there, so if you can't find a used one, look for the HTV-412 used because a used 4x12 is about the same as a new 2x12. The Seventy 80 has a bad reputation, but if you happen to be doing high gain stuff, they work just fine. I wouldn't recommend them to someone playing anything other than metal if they can afford something with V30s, Greenbacks, or G12s. however if you are strapped for cash, they would work much better than something with no name speakers, or crappy stock speakers. I will also venture to say that if you can find a 2x12 cabinet with V30s, Greenbacks, or G12s in your price range, I would take that over a Blackstar 4x12 with the Seventy 80s. I recommended the Valveking because it is a pretty versatile amp for the price. Of course if you are playing something like blues or indie rock, the amp recommendation will change, so if you give us a little more info, you might get better suggestions.
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basically just say no to behringer, except for their rack mount eq's at least those are ok.

sure, made in china -but others just seem to do it better.
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Like John Simms I own a number of Behringer products mostly PA stuff. I have never had a problem with any of the Behringer stuff. About two years ago I replaced my Mackie mixer with a Behringer mixer and it works great and it's been gigged almost weekly for the past two years. I also own several rack units (EQ, compressor and aural exciter clone) and have a pair of Behringer B205D personal monitors and a pair of Behringer Eurolive active floor monitors that continue to work well (they are all more than 4 years old now).

I have never had or heard their guitar amps and the microphones that I have heard are not pleasing to my ears but other Behringer gear that I own is working well. Your mileage may vary.
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Initially, when the globalist race to manufacture stuff in China began, most Chinese products were junk. But now it's uncommon to find bad Chinese products made for the US market. No one is whining that Apple stuff is made in China. There's no reason to believe that because something once was bad decades ago that all their products are still useless, but it looks like some will never forgive Behringer for poor quality products of the past, and of course many who bad-mouth Behringer and some other companies just repeat some lines without having any experience with the products.
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Actually QC and overall quality on Vox, Marshall (both now owned by Korg), Peavey, etc has slipped. Maybe not as bad as Behringer but they're definitely not the built like a tank products they used to be. Just compare a Chinese DSL2000 to original, or same with AC30 and you'll instantly hear the difference.

With that in mind, for $300 I'll probably look at olkd USA made Peavey solid state or Brit made Valve state.
The Chinese build things just fine if you don't push them to turn out stuff too quickly or cheaply. And why wouldn't they? You think that there is something inherently wrong with Chinese people?
The problem has nothing to do with where they are made, it's just that they are cheap and nasty.

As for Behringer mixers - I've seen plenty of those with borked sliders. They aren't what I'd call roadworthy at all.
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