I could really use your help. Does any one know of a V shaped body (King V style) with
2 3/16 x 3" pocket dimensions? I want to put together a custom guitar using a cheap guitar. Like a JS32 or something. I wanted to put on a reveres hockey headstock, But the neck I found is for 2 3/16 x 3" body. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong area. I don't really use forums that much.
Thanks Sharky. I'm looking for more of a guitar that I can just go out and buy and just swap necks. I'm on a budget so I can't afford a complete custom guitar.
Oh right. Unfortunately, I don't know how else I can possibly help other than to say go with what can work currently, if at all. If nothing else, try for a cheaper regular guitar and try to swap necks then