Am I crazy or have the Ultimate Guitar apps, which I paid quite a bit for, disappeared from the AppStore only to resurface in a bundle?

I paid for the Guitar Tools app, back when it was on its own, which I noticed was missing when I went to go reinstall it. Then after downloading their "Tabs" app, Guitar Tools was an add-on in the app. However when I went to restore the purchase it tells me it's unable to do so because I have not paid for the app.

Same with Tab Pro, I paid quite a lot for that app, just to have it now tell me that I need to pay even more money for "full access" which I had when I initially purchased the damn thing.
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Have you tried re-un-installing them and then re-re-installing them?

Correct. I have tried nearly a dozen times.
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probably best to contact someone at ug about it rather than complain on the forums.

Oki doki.