Hi i just wanted to buy a irig or any hardware for me to record some stuff in my phone and I found this thing (Irig) my question is is there any version or irig that i can use with android phones because i don't have any Apple products in my house if not is there any Hardware that i can record in my guitar in my android phone?
Thank you
Have you checked their website? They have multiple irig for android devices.
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iRig2 is compatible with iOS, OSX, and Android (with the Samsung SDK) devices

It works with Amplitude and Garageband.
One thing I hate is that I'm not a fan of Samsung devices, so my android devices don't have the Samsung ProAudio SDK, but I use the iRig2 while recording/playing with guitar and OSX Garageband
Irig UA for android. Search IK Multimedia. The "UA" version is specifically for android.
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