Question, I have a GXL65 CRATE american made solid state amp. It has an semi open back, it has a Crate 12 inch speaker in the back, with no visible damage anywhere on the speaker, or the amp for that matter. I have had the amp stored in a dry and
climate controlled area for the time I have owned it. It is about 10 years old. I bought it new. Here is the issue; I have a metalzone 2 BOSS pedal, which I use with this 3 channel amp. This pedal can get a very harsh great metal tone. Lately, while using it, I am noticing some signal noise, like its own distortion interferance that is NOT a part of the normal sound when I have the pedal on. The notes I play sound muddied now compared to the nice distortion sound I was previously getting. The rest of the amp without the pedal is fine, so far. Can you point me in the right direction on what to do? Before I send it to the local Guitar center for a repair??? any help would be greatly appreciate it, it is actually in my profile pic on the lower right there.....Please help?
The first thing to try is all of the instrument cables straight into the amp to eliminate the possibility of a bad cable. Are you running the pedal on an adapter into the wall or using a battery?

If you are using an adapter it could be the outlet has a bad ground or something else plugged in to that outlet may be causing interference, some appliances cause interference, especially computers, cell phones and CB radios can cause wireless interference as well (yes I have heard truckers talking in my amp). Having several items plugged into a power strip increases the chance of interference.

If you are using a battery try replacing it, pedal can do some strange thing when a battery is getting low before it is too low to die completely.

It is always possible that the pedal is malfunctioning and may soon be toast!
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