i everyone
i buy a EMG H4 and H4a from internet and the seller tell me it have emg connector but it don't. the pickup come from a epiphone Zakk Wylde ZV Custom. and the wire come from EMG
but i need to plug them together

can some one help me ?

pickup wire
Metal Wire

Emg cable color
and a lil black

I've sold these before locally as I was in a similar situation and learned all about them, one set of EMG HZ went to a Hawaiian army base.

anyways the name of these cables as EMG didn't come up with these themselves are Dupont cables, the kind you have is 5 pin (duh) and the connectors are female that go into the teeth of the EMG pickup on one side and on the other side they should be as well. They are used all over the place from guitars to the airforce as there cannot be any solders on a plane because of the extremes of hot and cold on a flight. Micro mesh in the guitar world is also used in the air force. But that is for another day.

so by looking at these the cables can be any color in the rainbow, hell even the same colors, the colors are just there to make our lives easier.

there is two ways to approach this
with a multimeter set to 20k in ohms
or process of elimination , we're using option 2

so the EMG color code is below

and now on one side of the cable they are crimped as in wire is squeezed into a metal wire connector, take a look at the housing (plastic casing) the cables are in. Yep I actually know how to make these thanks to youtube.

so ok you see in your first photo how green is going down from the housing of the wire and into the cable? evaluate the other wire and see what color it is

left to right with EMG color code it's pretty straight forward to do a series / coilsplit wiring
red - hot lead - to the switch
black/white - coilsplit wires - solder together
green - ground
bare - ground

if you got any troubles let me know , I'd still suggest getting a multimeter but there is maximum 16 combinations of wire to go with so you should be fine as bare is always ground unless the person who made the dupont cable didn't care.

there are all kinds of other dupont cables you can get, you can even use these single ones and still get sound. They cost next to nothing. The accentuation on pins is just to make our lives easier when plugging them in.
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