Good question here, Say I have TH3 standalone, and it's VST inside of say Reaper. Say I wanted midi control over patches, knobs, and effects like wah and volume...

Would a line6 MkII FVB 3, shortboard or express do the same job as a "midi foot controller board" such as the FCB1010? I know that the latter has more to it than the line6 Mk2 stuff, but is the MkII FVB lineup just a midi controller board or is it more of something meant only for their amps n such ONLY?
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The Line 6 controllers don't have any midi out. The 'to amp' connection is a proprietary line 6 connection that resembles an ethernet connection. They also have a usb out, but I'm not sure if that would do what you need.

This is from Sweetwater:

FBV Control Software
Take full advantage of FBV Shortboard MkII with free, downloadable FBV Control software. The application shows you a graphical representation of your FBV Shortboard MkII and lets you fully customize the footswitch and pedal functions.
Assign each FBV control a MIDI CC, a bank change, a program change or even transport commands to drive many popular audio applications including Pro Tools, Propellerhead Reason and Record, and more! Create and save endless variations — a few for gigs, a few for the studio — and easily add them to your FBV Shortboard MkII via USB

The bolded part might be what you want.
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