I recently bought an ESP EC-256, and so far I love it, but I would still like to get some better pickups as the sound on these is a little muddier than I like. I play a lot of metal, and I want to get some Dimarzio D'activators and put some 6X6 pickup covers on them, but I heard that to put those types of covers on a pickup, you should pot the pickup first. So are the D'activators already potted? And if not, would it be a good idea to pot them?

All Dimarzio pickups, and almost every other quality pickup, are potted.

There are a few exceptions, but they are for a very niche market (Vintage).
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What are "potted" pickups?

Potting in general electronics terms means that a circuit of some form is sealed by being coated with a material such as epoxy typically for the purposes of durability and/or waterproofing.

In guitar pickups, it's used to prevent the coils of wire inside the pickup from vibrating, which causes microphonic feedback. Usually pickups are potted with wax, but sometimes epoxy is used.
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