Hi People.

I have a Falcon 3/4 Guitar and I have a problem to reach over 3 frets at the same time like C & F Cord my G Cord I touch the A & D String because I have small chucky fingers. I feel really stressed and useless I have only been to one lesson with a bit at home but I know my fingers will just no go.

What can I do ???? Thanks
I understand what you are saying but there is just no way they will go ??
Don't get frustrated, your fingers will eventually reach those frets.
They will eventually reach, given enough time, patience, and practice.
Just because you don't get it in the first lesson does not mean its the end of the world.
After all, "Rome wasn't built in a day"
I have short fingers too, it takes time but eventually you will be able to span more frets, definitely need to have your thumb on the back of the neck as suggested not hooked over the top! Keep going you'll get there!

Playing guitar is not something you will learn overnight it take time and a lot of practice.
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