I have this pup that I curiously opened up to see what the inside of a pup looks like because I desperately want to convert it into a 4 conductor instead of the 2 conductor that it is. Long story short: I can't remember how to resolder the connections and I think this pup was wired differently than regular pups before I messed with it. You can see how the pup is wired in the pic i provided. There's a black and white wire coming from between the coils. The white wire is soldered in the middle with another white wire which isn't connected to anything. The black wire that's next to the white wire is connected to the black wire that goes into the metal shielding and out the pup. There's also another black wire that is soldered to the baseplate but isn't connected to anything else. So if anyone can please help me on making it a 4 conductor or at least getting the pup to work again I'd greatly appreciate it since I'm a beginner with soldering. Thanks in advance.
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