Hi guys-

I'm looking for a small combo amp. I'm searching for something lightweight (around 30 lbs) that can keep up with a drummer. I want cleans, but it's okay if there is a little breakup. I'm cool with it on the edge of breakup if it can hang with a drummer. I'd like classic, drippy spring reverb too. I don't need more than one channel. I don't need tremolo, but it looks like all my options are going to have it.

I love the Fender clean sound. A Princeton Reverb would be awesome, but even with an efficient neo speaker, I don't know if it could keep up with drums. A Deluxe Reverb with an efficient neo would be around 38 lbs I believe. Manageable, but a bit heavier than I'd like. An HRD is even heavier than that. Anyway, the amp doesn't need to be a Fender.

So, does what I'm looking for exist? Budget is not really a concern. I don't mind saving up for something worthwhile. I'm in the Dallas area. Genre is all over the place, so I just need a clean pedal platform.

Here are the options I've got so far:

-Princeton Reverb with efficient speaker. I could replace the OT but at that point I may as well get a Deluxe. Again, not sure about headroom. Silverface + new speaker + servicing would be probably be around $1100-1300.
-Supro Tremo-Verb. Not much out on these amps so far. I think the demos sound really good, but the 6973 tubes are a turn-off because I'm pretty much limited to one replacement (Electro-Harmonix) without going NOS. Still, 25 watts and 31 lbs and I could still put in an efficient speaker of choice. $1299.
-Allen Sweet Spot. The most expensive option, but probably the one that best fits the bill. Exceptional build quality and David Allen is great to deal with. 25 watts running 6L6's. 31 lbs. This would probably run about $1750 when it's all said and done. The main concern here is if it's worth the price and wait of a built-to-order amp.

I guess I'm hoping for your input on any of these options, plus any suggestions that I might have missed. Thus continues the search for the lightweight, clean headroom tube amp. Thanks for the help!

EDIT: Also, I'm sure I'll get some "Just man up and carry the weight" comments, but I already have a '65 Bandmaster and Super Reverb head + cab for bigger gigs. This would be for smaller gigs, places where I'm mic'd, and rehearsals when I don't feel like carrying the bigger rig.
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