I don't mean to promote the hype or anything, but I've been getting a lot of responses on how good these bases are when I make posts about Fenders. I'm thinking of getting one because it's obviously way more affordable than a Fender USA but I'd feel pretty silly if I didn't just save up the extra $$$ for the more expensive bass.

Does anyone here who owns a Sire bass have a say on their quality despite their low price tag? My biggest problem (which is also ironically what attracts me) is the price tag and the 'Best Bang for your Buck' hype it brings. If they're as good as Fenders in build quality and tone then sure, makes sense to pay for the cheaper one..but I'm concerned with the principle that I'm getting a good bass for theaffordable price tag it has. I don't want the best bang for my buck, I want the best bang, I want the big cheese man.

Sire owners, care to share your opinions?
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