I'm looking to buy a Seymour Duncan pickup for the bridge position of my EC-256. I measured the width of all the strings at the bridge, and it was 52 mm across. Would I need a Trembucker for this, or would I need a standard?

Yeah, that is fender spacing, so you'd need trembuckers.
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Make sure you are measuring from the center of each string. A traditional humbucker is 50mm from the center of each E string (not the outer edges). If your guitar has a trem, or if it is larger than 50mm, use trembuckers.
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I've used G and F spaced pickups in assorted guitars and I don't think it makes the slightest difference provided that the string are somewhere over the poles. - You could adjust the pole height to compensate if you thought that it was necessary.

Agreed; I haven't really experimented with polepiece spacing but I've owned a Squier Jaguar which originally had shallow threaded saddles and knocking the string out of place there made next to no difference to tone, likewise when I snag the high E on my Telecaster with brass barrel saddles and knock that out of place.
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Does your 256 have a Floyd? If so buy the Trembucker. If it's a fixed bridge buy the regular. That's what ESP puts in them. . .

My fixed bridge E-II Eclipse came with a good 'ole SH-4 JB in the bridge.
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