Hey guys.. i've done some late night recording..came up with jammin' over In this River backing track in D minor
That song is by Black Label Society, it's a tribute to one of the greats.
The mic is horrendous..but it was useful for the purpose.
There's no video, so i put together some kick ass pictures.
Hope you'll dig it \m/

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Yep, you weren't kidding with the mic. It is quite a nice tribute piece they picked for him. Despite Phil's antics from a very very short while ago, that doesn't diminish Dime's legacy as one of the better guitarists around still Good work heh
Haha yeah, i gotta take a picture of that thing
I had an old bashed up ARMY GREEN telephone lying around
It was probably from WWII or some shit ..
I just ripped out the mic and wired it up to plug into a computer..it actually amazes me how good it sounds for what it ACTUALLY IS.

Thanks bro \m/