I'm mainly on guitar, but occasionally, I want to add a drumline to my recordings (I've been trying to cover some songs). clicking keyboard keys on Garageband isn't exactly easy to get it on time. And I don't exactly have a drumkit.

What I do have, is an old GuitarHero drum kit from back when I was younger.
Is it possible to turn that into a electric drum kit and use that to record the drum parts?

If not, how do I add a drumline?
You could buy a midi controller or just a drum pad that comes with drum sounds. I bought the Novation launchkey mini mk2 and it came with software and different loops for synths, drums, keyboard, guitar etc. This is how i record other instruments. Hope this has helped you.
Check this:

And also:

I personally don't have any MIDI controllers, so I just write drum part in Guitar Pro, export it as a MIDI file and then import to DAW to use some drum sampler like NI Battery.
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Did some googling,

has anyone ever used "OSCulator" for OSX before?
Is it a good option for converting my GH5 drum kit into a midi controller?
Look into investing into some drum plugins. EZDrummer is cheap and simplistic, Superior 2.0 or Steven Slate Platinum will give you more advanced options. You may need a more powerful DAW than GarageBand to run it tho (Reaper is usually the go-to recommendation, licenses are cheap and you can evaluate the software for free indefinitely).

As for laying down the drum beats: the simple yet tedious way is to just click-program them into a MIDI piano-roll, though what I prefer to do is use a midi drumpad controller (I use an MPD18) and play the beats out. Makes certain parts go quicker and sound overall more "human."