I am Filip an I am new here.
I wanted to share my very old composition wich I've recorded some months ago and I am curious what You guys would think about it.
Mixing is not the best, I know that but it's not that really bad I think
I hope You'll enjoy !

Link to YT - Deadly Sins
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I hope you're not expecting criticism, because I really have none. I really enjoyed the song, the acoustic guitar parts were great and the electric guitar complimented them very well. The guitar tones were nice, I think some electric guitar tones were maybe a tad weak, but I think you really did the best you could there.

The only non-positive thing I can say from the composition is that I feel like there could be more. I could easily imagine you turning this into an epic 15 minute track or something. I liked to song a lot as it is, but on top of that I feel like you could expand it into something mindblowing.

But any criticism I have is nitpicking at best. I really enjoyed every aspect of the song. Favorite part was probably the acoustic guitar, especially the shimmering, high chords. How did you record the acoustic if I may ask?
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Woah, I didn't expect such good opinion, many thanks !
I recorded guitar with my cheap mic and then I was searching for a good EQ combination in Audacity.
Well I am amateur so... XD