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Please give some suggestions related to A chord. Which is the correct way of playing A chord. Finger 123 or 234 ?.

Also please give advantages and disadvantages of each methods.
Both are correct! Even though the 234 positioning may be the most common. 123 also comes in handy when using the pinky form accented note voicings.

Work on each so that you can play either easily and with clean tone.

The primary difference is which positioning suits you best. This can be most significantly based on the immediately preceeding finger placement from the chord, arpeggio, or sequence of notes you just played, or, where your fingers will need to be for the immediately upcoming chord, arpeggio, or sequence of notes.

Another entirely valid method that lots of players use is their single finger (index 111 or ring 333 finger) across the three strings! This is a bit more advanced and definitely takes practice to get it correct without muting the open high e string.

Like swinging a baseball bat, a golf club, or many other physical mechanics what works best for you is the most important objective.

Have fun and keep playing!
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HI MusicLaw

thanks for your reply.

even i just started only and switching between E and A is completed. Now i started D and when i switch from A to D, i am feeling some difficulty and one String is muting initially always and that is the reason i asked this question. I was in a feeling like because of 234 A chord it felt difficult

anyway i will practice with A chord 234

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I would probably more often than not, barre with my index, maybe also play the A on the high E. It depends what I want my high note to be, and what I played before or after. If I will play a B next, I will do the pinky position. If I'm going to play an open E next, probably my index.

I use multiple grips for the same inversions on almost every single chord.