Hey guys, I have a small problem with the batter compartment in my Schecter Solo 6 HellRaiser. The 9 volt battery requires a small piece of cardboard to be placed behind it in order for it to properly press up against the positive and negative posts. Is it safe to bend the posts so they make contact or should I just deal with the problem? My question is about how to remedy this small problem. I am new to this forum and not entirely sure if this is the right place post a question like this. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks guys!
I agree, i've seen foam on many guitars that came stock with EMG. As long as it isn't conductive use anything, I ship all over the world and if I liked actives I'd probably use bubble wrap if i had no choice
Most use foam. As stated above something non conductive works.
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I've cut up cereal boxes for those several times. There's usually no harm in bending the spring terminals a bit for a more permanent solution. You just want to be careful not to go too far.