I've recently discovered the genre and absolutely love it. The problem is, I just can't find much on how to play it. I'm aware that it involves tapping, odd time signatures, and odd tunings. Does anyone happen to know scales and chords that are commonly used it it? What tunings and time signatures are commonly used in it? Just dump any knowledge you know about it, I need to get to know it.
can't comment on tunings, but learn some 5/4 and 7/4 - they are the most common odd time signatures.
What bands do you like? That's pretty much the first thing to consider.
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You probably can't find much on how to play it because it's not exactly a "real" genre in itself - more of a description.

If you're interested in learning guitar techniques that relate to it though, do some research on rhythm. Polyrhythms/Polymeters are a good start, as well as counting odd time signatures, and alternating meters. I would recommend plenty of metronome practice, trying to break away from standard 4/4 playing. This includes changing the subdivision you play, and playing patterns that differ from the meter your metronome is set to (assuming you would use a digital metronome).
learn "Take the time" from Dream theater - that pretty much covers all of it!
If you're not too hot on music theory, then you're probably gonna want to work on that a bit, as these kind of genres are really theory intensive, especially when it comes to rhythms and harmony.

Look into:
Uncommon time signatures (5/4 and 7/4 are 'common' uncommon time sigs)
Modal scales and modal harmony
Arpeggio/chord structures (especially 7th arpeggios/chords)

This is really just a starting point, but I believe if you look into these areas, and keep learning/analysing tracks of some of these artists then you'll develop an understanding of the style.

Technique wise, you're gonna want to work on your alternate picking, economy picking, sweep picking, hybrid picking, legato, and multi-finger tapping to start with.

An excellent band I'd recommend you check out (you may already have done) is Chon. They have some great songs that are good starting points for getting into this kinda stuff, such as Potion, Knot, and Fluffy.

Hope this helps, and good luck!
Learning some math-rock songs by your favorite bands would be on top of the list of things to do.
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Learn the verse in Master of Puppets for a fucked up rythm: three measures of 4/4 one measure of 11/16.