nice rolling beat out of the gate, although it doesnt sound like its occupying the same space as the guitar riff. putting a subtle, matching reverb on both pieces could help tie them together. Very interesting lead tone through the lead section that's occuring at 1:10. much different vibe now, funky, playful, still a hint unsettling, but not as aggressive as the song started. coming back to that now at 2:10 and now im thinking maybe if this heavy guitar was a little quiter it would feel more balanced with the mix. the bass is difficult to hear behind it - if i wasnt wearing headphones i may not know it was there. pretty abrupt ending but a fun listen nonetheless. this track takes me on a journey that hops between two different places that on the surface seem quite different, and yet their juxtaposition tempts me to seek connections between them. enticing approach for sure.

also, thank you for your review on my tracks, they were very thoughtful and i felt you really honed in on some of the deeper meaning behind them which was really great to read!
Sometimes the timing could be tighter. I like the synth/guitar-synth sound and riffs around 1:15. Some parts individually sound good to me, though it sounds like entirely different style songs put together on the same drum beat. Not to say I haven't put together some weird songs. Please review my music at this link:

The song starts off with a crazy gnarly guitar, which I really like but it doesn't really sound like the drum sound matches the guitar. The part from 0:38 fits the drums a lot more, but the change from the gnarly guitar to this one doesn't flow well. And that's basically the entire song; The individual parts sound great, but together it feels like a bit of a mess. One last thing to note is that it sounds like the ending was cut off- it suddenly stops right in the middle of a note! Was that intended?

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The riff at the beginning hits you right in the face. Cool! Could maybe be a bit tighter, but I like feel of it.
I think it maybe would have been better to end the dirty riff with a chord that rung out instead of just fading it like you did. The transition to the clean part sounds a bit odd. That being said, I liked the clean/wah wah part. Groovy
The transition to the dirty part again was cool! Liked it. Cool harmonics too!

All in all, I think you have to tighten it up a bit to make it really groovy, but you are definitely on to something here.

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