So a regular dropped by with his guitar he learned on and he said he never used the tone knobs and wanted some ideas so I let him try my SG-400 with a passive 3 band EQ I came up with a year or two ago and he picked two of the tone knobs he liked most and what we ended up with was something unique.

The approach started as a 2 volume 1 tone , replaced the 0.047uf capacitor with an audio transformer, then I added a 2nd pot onto this harness with my beloved fender greasebucket mod which works fantastic on high output humbuckers.

this is the guitar and below it is the wiring to check out as well as each mod isolated

I love the stickers and the guitar only had 3 knobs on it when he brought it over, it is a dark cherry color

the wiring was my own idea using existing mods i found online

and some ideas if you want to try something different than a classic tone knob almost every production model comes with
Lord help the manufacturer should they sign this guy to an endorsement and sig guitar deal.
Looks like you threw the ******* sink at it. Filled with food scraps.
the worst was he routed a humbucker in the bridge and did the worst possible route possible. Like a single 4-40 screw was holding the ring in. To pull the wires through that new cavity it was like fishing. I had to solder wires to wires to pull them through if that makes any sense.

but i dont know i kind of like it , not something I'd tour with if i was a professional but the last time it was sticker free. What kills me is the whiteout he put on it to make sure he could see it in the dark.