Newbie here how's it going? I'm a beginner and have been playing for a month or so. I say beginner but I played for a few years at school but quit shortly after. I've decided to get back into it and just using an acoustic for now. Electric will come soon.

I've been splitting my practice sessions between learning chords to songs/riffs and scales. I'm comfortable with alternate picking now too but I've somehow introduced a bad habit in anchoring my pinky on the bridge. I had gotten up to say 140bpm and was starting to enjoy learn how to name all the notes in a full scale. But now I'm having to go back to a really slow pace without anchoring. I guess it will take some getting used to but I'm sure with time and practice I'll get there.

My question is, should I invest in some instructional DVDs to help my get my picking speed up? If so can anyone suggest any? Ney Mello? If not are there any decent channels on YouTube I could follow?

Thanks all
After posing the above I did some searching here and managed to find the John Petrucci DVD. I just need to find the accompanying book/pdf but sure I can find that online somewhere.