Hi everybody!
The subject has been raised a lot of times, but still. I've been learning to use the slap technique and have some questions.

1. How do you handle multiple notes on the same string when hammer-on/pull-on isn't applicable? I mean repeating the same note or alternating a normal note with muted percussion-like sound. Do you do a few pops in succession or just a few slap-pops? That is,
   P  P  P  P     or    S  P  S  P   
E-------------------------------------------    ?

2. As for a few pops in succession: how do I do it? I've seen some videos where they pop the string with index finger first and then with middle while raising arm away from strings after a slap/thump movement. Like that:
          (1)   (2)          
    S     P     P            

3. Is it a normal and widespread technique? And how should it be performed: is it a traditional slap movement of the whole arm or rather more of individual fingers? Because if it's the former, then there is a problem: as you pull your arm away from strings and the first finger goes off, the second touches the string immediately thus muting the first note. If it's the latter, then the whole move is a bit "unrelaxed" and unnatural. Or is it just a matter of practice and habit?

How would you mute the E string in the following pattern?

    S   H        P   H      P  H   
              S           S

I've tried using my thumb on the left hand (curving it around the neck like guitarists do while bending), but, first,
I don't feel very comfortable with it, and second, if instead of E it was, say, A or D, it wouldn't work.
I used to slap with just thumb and index, then I found out the technique goes a lot deeper. To play the stuff you're talking about you need to use thumb, index and middle, for four hits on the string you need to just play in order succession T-I-M-T.

Another way to go by it is double thumping with your thumb, which is slapping with an upstroke after the thumb downstroke. It takes a while and practice to master but you can find so many guidance videos on youtube on slapping.

I can't tell you in relation to the tabs you've posted but if you're trying to escape the typical flea bop bap bah bop bop bap ba from can't stop to a bippity boppity bippity bapababapapa then you need to work on three finger slapping exercises, I think the search term is 'triplets slapping' if you want to look it up.

I personally stopped slapping my bass once I found it she was a girl because I don't hit women..now I just finger her on a regular basis to keep her happy.
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