Hey everyone!

Here are couple of new tracks! They are pretty cinematic in style.

Yama's Throne is more traditional "epic" piece with some ethnic flavors. This track is actually an older song that I re-worked for a portfolio type of thing.

The Ghost of 1941 is a more horror inspired track with emphasis on textures and melody.

Comments, critique and questions are more than welcome!

Feel free to post your own works as well and I'll check them out shortly



Yama's Throne... I really like this. It really reminds me of the theme music from House of Cards... nice and epic and atmospheric, I like how it builds up, gives me the shivers. There's no criticism to say, it's a great track.

The Ghost of 1941... I like the pulsing kick.. gives a sense of foreboding. However it went from a scary horror type sound into melodic and sensual... a little opposite but seems to transition good enough. I was hoping it would keep that horror vibe going. I like Yama's Throne better I think Ghost could use a little refinement but that's just opinion, it was a good song too.

here's my stuff.. .instrumental... going for that epic sound: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1696154
yama's throne
intriguing opening vibe and AWESOME beat as it comes in wow. so atmospheric, great mix that gives space to each individual sound to have its own pristine space in which to work. great use of dynamic with the hesitation before it breaks wide open, such a sprawling sound that feels like it could easily span vast, cinematic landscapes. nice bellowing bass hit preceding and capping off the final buildup. Short, sweet, and dare i say masterful use of sound in this track.

the ghost of 1941
eerie sounds here which again sound fackin great in the mix. so clear. the drum hits when they come in at about 1:10 are a little clicky in the attack. love the roaring, distorted strings in the background, thats a great sound. again, you're able to accomplish a lot of feeling in a short period of time here. the beginning is especially emotive. may i ask what that bell like synth sound is around :28? its delightfully unsettling. the weight of the part that comes in at :35 (yes i started the track over) is palpable, great use of echoes. i like the roll the piano plays in the section where the drums come in.

i thoroughly enjoyed listening to these tracks and the atmospheric quality to them is inspiring to me because I enjoy creating similar vibes in my music. I'm going to subscribe and spend some more time on your channel here for sure

here's a link to my music, I'm interested in hearing your take on it

I've liked your music in the past so I was looking forward to hearing some more here are my thoughts:

Yama's Throne:

Very nice atmospheric orchestral piece. The production quality is top notch, and the song really uses dynamics to it's advantage. I guess this is more of a background music/soundtrack esque piece? I could imagine this appearing in a game or a movie. I know very little about composition and production when it comes to music like this, but I enjoyed it. I'd use it in a soundtrack.

Only criticism I would have is that it's short and very linear, but I guess that is kind of the point of the track? Anyway, the presentation and production are great.

The Ghost of 1941

I'm very, very sorry but something just came up, and I can't finish reviewing this at this moment I'll get back to it tomorrow and edit this to include some proper insight. The track sounds great, that much I can tell you right away.

EDIT: now for some insight. I like the beginning, it sets the mood pretty damn well. It's an odd idea to mix the pulsing kick with the eerie sound, but I think it works. When the drum track kicks in, it sounds very distant and unclear. Is this intentional? I can see it working as a effect, but I think some of the drums sound a bit off. But I can't use my proper headphones right now, so I don't have the optimal listening experience Maybe it's the kick and the snare here, they seem to pop in a weird way.

Otherwise, sounds great, another cool soundtrack piece. The feeling did shift from eerie to calm and melodic pretty quickly, so it's not really a creepy track, but I don't know what you were going for here. Anyway, sounds good
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Thank you all for kind and helpful critique!

I appreciate your comments! Yeah, "Ghost" was something I did as a horror inspired demo for portfolio type of thing. That's why I tried cover lots of ground, hence the more melodic section. Maybe next time I'll make a full on horror track! Thank you!

Glad you enjoyed the tracks! Also, thank you for your flattering comments! The bell sound as well as many other sounds on this track I got from Eastwest Ghostwriter sound library that I recently purchased. This particular sound was very good as it was so I didn't process it much. I remember making very similar bell sounds using other software as well. Nice dry bell sound plus a little saturation and reverb to your liking. You mentioned the clickiness of the drums. You're right, I spent lots and lots of time trying to "tame" the drums but never quite got the results that I wanted. Will look into it later, though.

P.S. Loved your music!

Thank you for the kind words! Yes, "Throne" was indeed intended as a background piece for a movie, game, trailer etc. Both of these songs were very much "exercises" on composition and production when it comes to soundtrack type of music. Also I cut them pretty short because they were included in a portfolio type of thing for a school. Waiting for your critique! It has always been helpful.
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Akkelli great film score music man, this here that kind of music you make money with .
Yama's Throne is awesome I wish it was longer. I do not even understand how you make these sounds... like is someone playing war drums and playing violin for your composition in a studio somewhere?. Both of these tracks invoke a certain imagery in my head. It takes me somewhere and changes me emotionally for the moment, this is powerful stuff. Yama's throne takes me somewhere deep in the catacombs, or inside a pyramid. The ghost of 1941 takes me to this room with four white walls and on the ground lays a beautiful girl that has overdosed from heroin.

Idk man I am trying not to self attack here but I cant really give you any tips I am just some living room guitarist that has a free DAW your shit is way beyond my criticism or knowledge for mixing and mastering and composing. I cant offer anything else but saying how I enjoyed both of these tracks.

Check out my latest recording here - https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1696168
I edited my post to include the other track
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*note that by fan i mean that guy who wants his friends to know he knows this totally obscure hip band that only he knows about with 236 views on youtube. lookin' at Kev here
Thank you a ton for your comment. I'm really glad that these tracks "took you to places" which I guess is the whole point of soundtrack music. What I would like say is don't worry, I'm still a living room guitarist myself. It's just lots of work and learning through trial and error. And no, I don't have orchestras or people playing war drums in my living room. That would be awesome, though! Maybe some day