Hey guys,

I play in a cover band. I've been working on "Killing in the name of - RATM", during the guitar solo Whammy is used with 2 octaves up.

I'm having issued with the effect "clipping", I hope that's the right word. Basically if I hit the string once and engage the effect it's fine. But if I keep tapping the string with the whammy filly engaged it clips, the sound isn't continuous. Am I using the effect incorrectly?

Watching Tom M. play live it looks like he hits the string once then engages the whammy, but the album sounds like he's hitting the string multiple times while engaging the effect.

I think my technique is bad, but maybe its the whammy? Thoughts?


EDIT - gear im using. Epiphone standard, 2015. Upgraded with Gibson 57/57+ and bcs wiring kit.

tried in both amps, Orange Crush 35rt and Blackstar series one 45.
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When you say the sound isn't continuous do you mean the effect (i.e., the 2 octave up sound cuts out from your sound) or the overall signal strength in general? Because if you mean the signal in general I understand, the signal does get weaker at a higher pitch when you keep trilling. However, Morello boosts his signal with an EQ (level up, everything else flat) for solos so maybe that's it. My second, though cheap, guess is to just tap harder. Maybe work on that first but boosting for solos isn't at all uncommon.
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Thanks for the Reply!

The effect is actually cutting out when I tap, overall sound levels are fine. For example when I hit a string then drive the pedal it sounds great, levels are fine. It's when I hit a string then drive the pedal, but then start tapping the same string a few frets higher on the neck it starts to sound bad. Lets say I'm holding down the high E string on the 10th fret, drive the pedal while continuing to hold 10e, then start doing hammer on/off's on the high E string 13th fret. That's when it starts clipping out, sounds all muddy and bad as i do the tap.

My gut feeling is that its user error simply due to the fact that the device has had little use. And I haven't noticed any issues with the other settings/octaves.
The pedal is at the start of the chain. this weekend I tried tons of variations, including using only the whammy directly into my amp. Tried both active and passive pickups as well.

Whammy->Wah->tuner->TS 808->keely compresor->amp

Effects loop Amp send->Phase 90->Boss Delay DD-3->Boss Reverb RV-5->Boss Noise suppressor NS-2->effects loop amp return

I think the pedal is bad. I cant get a clean sound after I've engaged the pedal. it's clean so long as I don't do anything after I've engaged the pedal. Once I engage if I change the source signal it cuts out, sounds like crap.