I like your tones, it sounds very similar to my songs. I don't really have much critique on the mix, everything sounds good to me through my Rockville ASM-5 monitors (decent cheap monitors).

Now onto the music itself.

First impressions were that I heard a lot of Dethklok influence. I can appreciate the vocal style, I wasn't sure of it at first but after 3 or so plays now I am starting to like it. Right amount of reverb.

1:08 I love that haunting lead. Adds to a nice atmospheric chorus without sounding cheesy or formulated.

1:45 that cracking hit seems a bit loud. I don't know what you are using it's the only time I hear it in the song. If you were using it for emphasis you could probably turn it down just a bit and have it still make an impact.

1:55 those pinch harmonics remind me of Einherjer - Blot album, good stuff.

3:05 really like this part. Melds perfectly with the rest of the song even though it is a big contrast in the sound. Reminds me of some In Flames older acoustic stuff, I was hoping there would be more of it.

Very nice use of synths and leads and great song overall. I enjoyed it very much.

I make instrumental metal a little similar to your style, at least tone wise, so I'd be interested to hear what you think of my mix since I am still learning: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1696154
Oh yeah. I DEFINITELY got the Dethklok feel with all of this xD I wasn't expecting it to be so obvious, and that is a compliment. Vocals work with the music. Lead guitar saves the music a lot of the time.

Projects to Detonate was a collab of both of the other songs, Aaron. That may be why you found them to be identical enough.

Lucid Nightmare was soft enough in the beginning, and then it just unleashes on its own. The vocals have a sort of Children of Bodom flair to me, which is again a compliment ^_^