Hello, i have a no name 5 Way Toggle Switch for a strat. how can i know where to put volume, where the pickups, where tone, where is up, where is down...? i understand that fender and other big brands have a manual but this is a no name switch. please see image below. click link

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this will help you convert any kind of 3/5 way blade

wherever you see a 1 on a usa switch , you see it on an import with this diagram i made , i have plenty of other stuff on my photobucket with switches and all as i dedicated it to photoshopping mods and diagrams to help you guys get the most of your wiring

So i have an import type. The numbers are 13500135. If i solder a neck pickup to red 1
, the neck tone should be on red 1 and they will work? Is that right?
close , you'd want
1 - bridge
3 - middle
5- neck
the numbers represent the switch positions
position 2 shares 1/3 and position 4 shares 3/5 , makes sense right?

if you did it the way you had you would have the bridge/neck in different places unintentionally, when in doubt grab something metal like a screw driver and tap the pickup if you think it's selected with the amp plugged in. It will not electrocute you , it is the best way to have reassurance that the pickups in the right place. I learned this trick from the guy who made EMG pickups on youtube.

usually when I wire strats I have two different types of tone to shape the sounds of the guitar further which is somewhere on my photobucket page to check out. Click on my switch diagram and it'll re-direct you to my photobucket page. It's somewhere there. I use seymour duncan parts from their diagrams to make peoples lives easier as when i was learning they had the best diagrams.

with the other set of 0135 you can make the tones go to any pickups you want
bridge/neck , middle for example instead of the classic fender way

what you realize is with solder unless you over heat a pot the solder is very forgiving and you can melt and re-solder many , many times to try new things out. The parts to make the different tone shaping knobs like a bass cut and all are dirt cheap to make.
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