So my SG just got crazy, there is no way you can set it up so it plays at least decent. Either very low action which makes bends hard and gives buzz, or higher action which feels good but then no way to set the intonation, and the truss rod can`t be tightened any further cause of buzz. And the stopbar is very high and strings are almost touching the sharp angle n the bridge... WHAT`S GOING ON? I never had a guitar so hard to set up. Frets are perfectly level btw
Sounds like you've done all you can. Time to take it to a tech/luthier.

I don't think we're going to be able to diagnose "nothing works" over the internet.
'nothing works" is the best way to comment this situation. Strangely enough, most thing work in the opposite way with this guitar: getting the stopbar high makes bends harder, higher action gives a nicer feel.... It`s going to a luthier for a full setup from the ground up then.
That's frustrating. Sometimes you have to get a hard reset by an expert. Let us know how it goes.
Yeah I remember when I heard that overwrapping string makes them feel slinky. I did that and it made strings feel a gauge higher, unbendable. Lesson to learn: don`t trust the internet :P
DONE, just different strings and full setup. It feels like a 1000$ guitar should feel. Man, I hate elixir strings now, I don`t care they last longer, they ruin both the tone and feel.
Did you take it to a tech or just restring yourself? I've been using Elixirs for years and never had a problem with them, hence my question.
I brought it to a tech, but all he changed was the neck relief and he shimmed the nut. It was all because when he cut that nut for me, the neck was bowed and he made the string slots too low without checking the relief, now he corrected the nut height and got the neck really straight because of my high action preference. And because the neck is now straight, I can set the intonation without running out of saddle movement space. The string height and stopbar height wasn`t changed so the feel should be more or less the same. Just for you I put on Elixir B string in the G place and compared the feel to Ernie Ball B string. What a difference!
Of course I am not saying that elixirs are total crap and Ernie`s are good. Some people may like the stiffness, very bright tone of elixirs. They also feel smooth and round because of their surface. I haven`t tested any other brands of strings, only Ernie Ball, but since they feel good and sound good, I will stick to them for now. BTW I have elixirs in my 2nd guitar and they are perfect for it, they don`t feel stiff cause of E flat tuning, and brightness is needed because the guitar is very dark
Next time you're in a guitar store, try bending on a guitar with low action and high (jumbo or better) frets. I really dislike high action for bending, and it's really tough on intonation.

I generally change strings (use cheap strings, like GHS Boomers bought in bulk) very often on the guitars that I play the most. I'll use something more expensive, like Dean Markley's Cold Steel, if I'm playing a gig. Elixirs go on guitars I play VERY infrequently.
Sometimes you need that "hard reset" to get the guitar where it needs to be so that you can handle small setup issues from there. Guitars that are new to me go to The Tech (in my case Gary Brawer in San Francisco) and he does a Really Good Initial Setup (including a fret superglue and a PLEK job if required) and then I take it from there. I may take the guitar back at some point during the first year and have him toss it on the PLEK for an analysis to see if the neck has moved. If not, we're good to go. He does refresh setups (including another PLEK run if required) on guitars that he's PLEK'd at any time during the first year.
I have no idea what happened with your SG initially, but nice to hear a tech got it sorted out. :-)
As for strings, use whatever floats your boat man, I was just wondering why the Elixirs didn't work, because I've been using them for years and pretty much recommend them to anyone that asks my opinion on strings because I like them that much. :-)
Since my nut is now shimmed, I could get the action lower without loosing the feel, its very interesting how EVERYTHING changes the feel. But really everything