Some great playing you got here! You got very good chops. Overall, I think you got many parts here that could be developed into songs. Now I feel like the track has too many riffs and parts that change really quickly. If you picked some of them to work with, I think you could do something even stronger. Some of my favorites riffs and licks are around 0:30, 0:50, 1:15 and 1:29. Nice run at 1:45 and especially at 1:52 and 2:40! I remember some of your earlier works and your production has gotten better. You might want conciser double tracking some rhythm guitars but I'm not sure if you want or like that. It might give your strong lead playing more "context" and make it more powerful. Another option is making the bass stronger.

Anyway, I enjoyed it. You got some interesting ideas that I would love to hear taken even further. I'm looking forward to your next work. Keep on rocking!
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Nice riff at the beginning. I feel the song lacks a bit in the low end spectre. Like Akkeli said, there are lots of parts here that could be taken further to a song. Right now it feels like just a bunch of riffs thrown together.
Nice guitar solo at the end!

Wanna check out mine? Completely different from your style though.