Hi guys, just finished prototyping my latest Fuzz pedal, my own personal design. I'm gonna make a small run of these to sell but first id love to get some feedback and thoughts on it. Positive or negative all responses are welcome. Please give it a listen, I'm in separate neesof quality feedback so I can improve for the final production model. Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xk2DMC_8wU
It does seem to go, actually, too fuzzy, if that makes sense. At least, for me xD I know it's a Fuzz pedal, but it wouldn't do well for my purposes. Maybe a lot of others would disagree, and I know they probably would. Best of luck with it, anyways
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Haha, thanks

Got a price in mind for when you start selling?
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Got a price in mind for when you start selling?

Yeah, probably £75. Any less and it wouldent be viable!
Sounds pretty good to me man for that price. I'd probably order one if I didn't just get a JAnus
Nice Electric WiZard riff
Most people here don't listen to that stuff so don't expect a positive response haha
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