So I bought a Digitech Bass Driver years ago when I was much poorer because it was pretty much the cheapest fuzz/overdrive I could get my hands on (I use a Big Muff Deluxe these days, I love it). Rather than selling it, I'd prefer to do something silly with it, if I can.

I listen to a lot of noise rock and stuff like that, so it would be freaking sweet to turn it into a really dirty, over the top fuzz. Presumably this should only be a case of switching a couple of components? I can't find any circuit diagrams though, so who knows. My GCSE electronics probably won't get me very far here.
isn't it digital? if so, that's going to make it a lot harder, i fear.
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Digitech pedals suck to mod. they are a double layer PCB that is really easy to F up.
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