Today in the mail I received a very special package. In it was a PRS Santana treble pickup. Fellow UGer Stickymongoose was gracious enough to give away a couple pickups in the GB&C forum and I was lucky enough to get one. I probably wouldn't have made a thread for just a pickup, but I really wanted to give a shout out to Stickymongoose for being awesome. Without further ado here is the clip:


Excuse the shitty playing. The first half is the old duncan designed pup that came with the guitar (MIJ Jackson Dinky from 96) and the second half is the PRS pup. All of that into my PODxt, SLO100 model into the V30 cab setting. Not a huge difference, but I can definitely tell when playing that things are a little clearer and little more articulate. And hell, its just fun as hell modding things, amirite?

Again, big thanks to Stickymongoose, super cool on his part.
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What a nice guy. Changing pickups can be a subtle difference but also an important one. Your tone got a lot less harsh with the PRS pickup, for sure.
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What a nice guy. Changing pickups can be a subtle difference but also an important one. Your tone got a lot less harsh with the PRS pickup, for sure.

Definitely a class act thing to do. The only bad thing is now I have major gas for a new neck pup, a new amp, a new guitar.... Such is the life XD
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
nice I saw that thread, that was a really nice thing for him to do
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to mongoose for being a cool guy!

and nice clip and HNPUD!
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Wow, that's sweet, kudos to Stickymongoose. I'm jealous though, there was a thread a year or so ago of some idiot giving away a 6505, I smelled cow pie but took the bait for the hell of it, there was a fraction of a percentage of a chance that the guy had half the class of Stickymongoose. I'm still waiting...any day now, lol.

Happy new pup day, sounds cool. A pupgrade can make you fall in love with a guitar all over again.
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Sounds pretty sweet Kevin. Love me some VH in the morning. Sounds like the PRS pup is a bit fatter sounding to me

Also yeah cheers for Sticky. It's always nice passing along stuff you have no use for anymore. Especially with guitar stuff.
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