Ok, I admit it: I'm fickle.

I recently bought a Schecter Omen Extreme-6, and I was pretty happy with it... until I saw this for sale in my local guitar store, tried it out and I fell in love. Long story short, I bought this and my Schecter is on its way to the guy who bought it from me on eBay

So, the guitar. It's an LTD Phoenix-200, made in 2010 (I believe ESP discontinued the Phoenix line last year). It was damaged in shipping on its way to the UK, and it has a few other minor cosmetic flaws that knocked the price of it down from almost £400 to £199. None of that really bothers me, it's nothing immediately noticeable and none of it affects how well the guitar plays (which is very fucking well indeed).

Specs are kinda hard to find due to this guitar being discontinued, but these are what I've managed to find so far:

- Maple neck thru, basswood wings
- Rosewood fretboard, 22 XJ frets
- Tune-o-matic bridge
- ESP brand tuners and pickups
- 3-way pickup selector switch
- Volume controls for each pickup


(the aforementioned shipping damage)

All in all, this thing kicks ass (it'll kick even more ass once I get a set of Duncans in it, the stock pickups are good but I almost always change them out). Here's hoping this one stays around a while!
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Oh that looks lovely. Have fun with it!

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So basically the discount means the new pickups are free!
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Chinese LTD's are usually terrible, but if you got it that cheap it's not that bad.

I dig that shape. I'd definitely soup it up though. All the hardware changed. Even after doing all that you'd come out ahead. Good job.
I thought it would actually be an ESP, but nope.
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I thought it would actually be an ESP, but nope.

Me too. Cool looking guitar nonetheless. HNGD!
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Nice, I have never been a fan of the Firebird shape but it looks pretty good, I'd definitely swap the pups! HNGD
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nice grab! I always thought these were gorgeous guitars, wasn't aware they had discontinued them. sad to hear, I feel they should have been a lot more popular.

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