Just purchased Seagull entourage and changed strings this week. Changed to Elixr 12's.
I now have what I would call a metallic sound on the open high E. It doesn't ring properly or cleanly. (It worked fine when I tested it in the store) It seems to ring clearly when fretted though - only hear it in open position. I thought it might be the string so I changed it to a martin PH/br string, 12, with same result. I wind the string 3x when changing. I also used pencil to put graphite in the nut slot. I have had this happen on other guitars too on the G and E and cannot figure out why. It seems that the problem comes from the nut area rather than the saddle because it many times goes away when string is fretted. String does not seem to be hitting any of the frets but I must admit I didn't look that closely. Has anyone had this problem and what could be the fix? Thank you
It could be that the nut slot is cut too deeply.

Try this: Slacken off the E string until you can lift out the string from the slot, fold a small piece of aluminium baking foil a few times so you have about 4 or 5 layers, flatten it down, cut a small piece about 1/4" square, place it over the nut slot and refit the string so that the foil sits in the slot under the string. Retune and see if it sounds OK.
This could be a LOT of different things so I'll try an narrow it down one step at a time. Does the metallic sound only happen when you play open or does it happen on some fretted notes as well?
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