So I've had this great guitar for a few years and am thinking of selling, but after hours of searching, still haven't got a clue what it is! (no serial numbers or writing or anything)

My closest guess is a Vintage Encore E89, although its still different as you can see in the pictures.
Firstly, this colour doesn't seem to be available for this model.
Secondly, the string holes are in a different shape.
Thirdly, the 12th fret has a different design.
and fourthly, the head says Vintage instead of Encore!

Any help would be appreciated so much! its driving me crazy!

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possibly yeah, the holes in picture 2 are usually a sort of upside down V shape though, and theres still the mystery of the colour
have you pulled the neck off? SOMETIMES there are markings on the heel of the neck and on the cutout in the body.
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it could be an older discontinued model in a color that is no longer available on their current line. same goes for the fretboard markers
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maybe yeah! i'll have another look for older models. As for removing the neck, i dont think i'm quite good enough with guitars to attempt that!