Hi, have any of you guys got the above pedal?

Bit of a newbie here and trying to work out what uk mainsadapter it will take. Website states 9v AC, would the Boss PSA 240 work, if not can you pls help and point me in the right direction

No, you need an AC power supply. For something like that you're best off going with the adapter made specifically for that pedal.

Edit: I just noticed the UK part. If ISP doesn't make a UK compatible adapter I would email them and see what adapter they would recommend.
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the theta's are sweet from what i can find on the net. i would love to give one a go in person.

as far as adapters, AC and DC current are NOT INTERCHANGEABLE. you feed a DC pedal AC current, it will go boom.
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@chris050177 - I have the ISP Theta Preamp Pedal and its amazing! The pedal ships with a 9v AC adapter and ISP recommends that you use only that adapter to have more voltage headroom.