Hello. As you probably guessed by the title, I did some mistakes . I put my guitar near a heater for over an month and my guitar's neck bent. My teacher set it back up. And my question is : What should I do ? What will be the consequences for my guitar ? Thank you for the answers .
Ok then, I will probably keep it . I have a few more questions.
1. Is it true, that you can never make the intonation 100% accurate or is it because of the stupid thing I've done ? I mean it is always near the perfect pitch, but it's never 100% accurate on some frets.
2. I've read some stuff about it and I guess i should buy a humidifier with a hard case ? What do you think ? I want to preserve this guitar and make it last in a good shape for as long as possible .
3. What about further setup ? Should I go to the luthier ? I mean I live pretty far from the nearest one (50km) and I would need to travel a lot. So if it's not necessary I would like to avoid it. But if it's worth it, I will do it.
A hard case made specifically for that guitar could correct it if its left in it for a while. My uncle had a carvin warp like that from being leaned up against his half-stack for a long time and he put it in his carvin case molded for that guitar and it corrected it after leaving it for like a month. Hope this helps ya, good luck!
An Ibanez Artist is a very solid and hardy guitar. Something like that shouldn't completely ruin it.