Hi Folks I am new here. Hopefully a mod will move this to the right section.

I have been lucky enough to have been given a Boss GT5 pedal board. I have been trying to get to grips with it (I really should read the manual ) and Im getting there. It has some amazing sounds and I am slowly working out how to alter and create patches.

What I would like to know is if there is a patch library anywhere. IVe had a hunt around and most of the links I found on the internet lead to nowhere.

Is there anything on here? Also can you somehow connect this device to a PC and download them or is it a case of following patch instructions?

I really would like to get an authentic Hedrix sound for Hey Joe and also some Mark Knopfler sounds for Money for nothing and Sultans of Swing. Any ideas?

Also brand new here, and this is WAY after the fact, but I have very recently resurrected my old GT-5 and have in a short time collected a decent sized patch library. Haven't tried any as I'm waiting for my new EPROM and cable, but if you're interested, reply and I'll get them to you.
There was a Boss Yahoo user group that I belonged to and I remember they mentioned some kind of librarian that took midi-out dumps from the unit and imported midi dumps. Since the unit is so old, I'd probably look at some newer settings and try to mimic these in the unit that you have.

Maybe start from here (Jimi Hendrix rig is 2nd):

I think there is a Plexi or Vintage Marshall in there, I have the GT-10 and it is the first Marshall. For Dallas Arbiter try the Blues OD.
fryingmonkey hi. just seen your post about the patch library for the boss gt 5. i have just aquired 1 and i,m desperate for some patches can you help me also ? 
hopster  Today is your lucky day! I sold that unit shortly after upgrading it and bought a Fractal Audio AX8. I had the files on dropbox for the guy who bought the GT-5 and deleted them 29 days ago - dropbox would have permanently deleted them tomorrow.

For you, and anyone else, I've posted them permanently at the link below:


Additionally, go here and download FXFloorBoard for the GT-5 and *please* donate to the guy who created and has been maintaining this software over the years.

You'll need a decent MIDI cable like a Roland UM-ONE, a cheap MIDI cable won't get the job done.
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