I have a new song demo out for the LP that I'm working on throughout this year. It's called Change Your Mind and I think it's got a pretty strong Tame Impala vibe! I play each instrument on the track (guitar, bass, drums). I will probably add vocals to it for the actual LP but for now it's just an instrumental. I hope you all enjoy it! Will do c4c.

Change Your Mind (Demo)
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It started out quite sudden. Maybe you should have some kind of build up or something. I like the sound of that guitar, but you should do some kind of variation to the song, it gets quite repetitive after a while. Some of the bends were also a bit out of tune.
I'm interested in how this would sound with some spaced out vocal on it. Could be cool
Keep it up!

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Your mix is quite balanced and I can definitely hear the space where the vocals will be. Each element has stand alone clarity, and big picture cohesion. I especially enjoy the lead guitar pensive interjections to the rhythm. The note at :46 is a good example. I agree that it does start out quite sudden, perhaps if the vocal comes in a few bars in then it will effectively have a more gradual start up to the ear. Once underway, this track is full speed ahead so I'm picturing some kind of mysterious story in the lyrics or perhaps some contemplative theme where the psychedelic backing instruments are the guide to wrapping the listeners head around the words. Anyway, there's a lot of possibilities and potential here and I hope to hear it again when it is complete. Thanks for reviewing my music and sharing this track with me!