Hi. Are there any good PCI (e) sound cards for lets say max 250$ that give good sound in amp sims like guitar rig 5?
I know latency wouldn't be problem with them since with intel i5 proc i can manage it to 4.6 ms in guitar rig with my lame realtek onboard card (which isn't even remotely made to be used for something like that) on 64 sample buffer set in ASIO drivers , so i won't bother with USB interfaces.
Even the sound i get isn't SO horrible that it's unplayable (hence "the low" amount of money i'm ready to spend), I would like to get a PCI card thats made for stuff like that and would give me clear and no noisey sound. Any suggestions? Also, id like if admins could move this into the recording section so more people who know about this stuff can see it