i don't think that my MKIV has a adjustable bias, all i see from mesa is saying to use their tubes (obviously they want you to pay the premium for their name). but is that necessary?

i have a quad of JJEL34L's in a musicman that i may pull out.

it seems like i should know this (lol) but should i just pop them in and ignore mesa's suggestion to use their tested tubes?
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Sounds like you're good to just swap them out.

And yes, you should know this, and you should feel bad
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I'd measure the biasing anyway just to be safe. Be aware that E34L's are biased about 10% hotter than EL34's.

Check what screen resistor is on it too.
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I was under the impression that they are adjustable bias but you get their color coded tubes which are just matched sets, so you do not need to re-bias. So a blue set needs the bias that another blue set would need.

Although I am sure they have cathode biased amps in their line, right? I guess.
My understanding of Mesa is that they have hard wired the bias so you either need to use tubes within spec for that bias or start changing components in the amp to run whatever you want. Check out their manual - they have a long "article" on their biasing.

Mesa branded tubes are just screened for this spec.

Eurotubes screens their tubes for Mesa specs as well so if you need to buy some new ones and want JJ's look them up.
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Email Bob at Eurotubes (dot com). He can tell you exactly what the skinny is.

He can't tell you what's up with YOUR tubes, obviously, but he can ship you a matched quad tested for Mesa specs.